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Long-term visit to the University of Borås, Sweden

On March 1st, 2023, Marcin Barburski, TUL Prof., and Katarzyna Zimna, TUL Prof., started their long-term visit at the University of Borås, Sweden, to work on a Sustainable Industrial Design of Textile Structures for Composites(SustDesignTex) project.

Both researchers will focus on their own micro-projects: Marcin Barburski will focus on the topic of the design and implementation of a fire-retardant composite dedicated to the aviation industry, taking into account the assumptions of sustainable development, and Katarzyna Zimna will analyze the design potential and develop a pattern book of possible ecological finishing techniques of the innovative nonwoven material, as well as of the abovementioned composite.

During the first day of their stay, they visited the weaving, knitting, and nonwoven labs, participated in the faculty meeting and research seminar, and made plans for the research work with the project leaders from the University of Borås – Prof. Nawar Kadi and Prof. Mikael Skrifvars.

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