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Industry - Research Dialogue Platform

The Industry-Research Dialog Platform is an online knowledge exchange platform and survey tool for cooperation with SMEs. This platform allows recognition of the needs of companies in new technologies and innovation solutions for the dissemination campaign targeted at the industry and SME stakeholders. The industry partner Wademekum (WAD) has been leading the task in support with TUL.  WAD has been acting as an intermediary with other SME stakeholders and has been responsible for analyzing and monitoring current research activity and its results, as well as the demand of key players in the SMEs and industry sectors for research results in new composite materials. Within this task, a database of companies from sectors such as transportation, aerospace, marine, energy, infrastructure, biomedical, and recreational industries was created. Industry-Research Dialog Platform covers mainly the field of automotive and aeronautical enterprises; the main companies that are involved: Bowi-styl (Small, Textile); Moratex (SME, Textile); Tricomed (Small, Textile); Łukasiewicz Research Network – Textile Institute; Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres; Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Leather Industry; Texpol (Small, Textile); Dywilan (Small, Textile); Baltex (Small, Textile); Wigolen (Small, Chemistry); MDH; Rymatex (Small Chemistry); Pabiantex (Small Chemistry); Sempertrans (SME, Transportation); Corning (SME, Textile); Glassfiber Krosno (Large, Chemistry) ; Krosglass (Small, Chemistry); Technotex (SME, Textile); Saertex – MILAR(SME, Textile); Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji (Large, Transportation); Hydro Extrusion Poland (Large, Metalurgy); AWP Nordic Products (Small, Chemistry); Browin (SME, Chemistry); BSH (SME, Chemistry); Delia Cosmetics Distribution (Small, Chemistry); DELL Products (Large, IT); LUMILEDS (Small, Electronics); Łódzka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna (Large, Finance); MIRBUD (Small, Construction); MITMAR (Small, Construction); Ceramika Paradyż (Large, Construction); Pietrucha (SME, Construction); Rossmann (Large, Chemistry); VEOLIA (Large, Construction); Wielton (Large, Transportation); Związek Przedsiębiorców Przemysłu Mody Lewiatan (Large, Textile); Gedeon (SME, Chemistry); Top Secret (Large, Textile); Teofilów (Small, Textile); Recte-Komes (Small, Textile); Marilyn (SME, Textile); Polexim (Small, Textile); WOLA (Larga, Textile); Ariadna (Small, Textile); TZMO (SME, Chemistry); Ogólnopolska Izba Branży Skórzanej (Large, Textile); Oh!Zuza (SME, Textile); Vanilla night&day (SME, Textile); Deni Cler (Large, Chemistry); Biliński (SME, Textile); Kastor (Small, Textile); Air Force Institute of Technology (Large, Military); Royal Star (SME, Aerospace); Eurotech (SME, Aerospace); NDH Sprzęt Medyczny (Small, Medical); NFM Group (Small, Medical); Malco Company (Small, Medical); Summit Polska (Small Chemistry); MST Company (SME, Chemistry); Compremum (Small, Chemistry); JAKUSZ Company (Large, Military); AIRBUS (Large, Aerospace); SCANWAY (Large, Aerospace); THALES (Large, Aerospace); LOT AMS (Large, Aerospace); STER COM (Small, Aerospace); ODBAS (SME, Economy); Lublin Airport (Large, Aerospace); 5TX Surf company (Small, Chemistry


The first Industry-Research Dialogue meeting was hosted online via the Microsoft Teams platform on 13th October 2022 by Lodz University of Technology and Wademekum. The representatives of various SMEs, including aerospace, automotive, medical equipment producers, and maritime sectors, participated in the Industry-Research Dialogue meetingWademekum company prepared a survey sheet in the area of the challenges/problems pointed out by companies involved in this project for a detailed description of these problems. Based on the feedback, the consortium partners will decide on the challenge, which will be focused on as a micro-project during the project realization. According to the meeting conducted on 13th October 2022, Wademekum company prepared a survey and sent it to the representatives of each participating company on 01st November 2022, with a deadline of 11th November 2022 for each company to fill out in detail the presented survey and send feedback via email or in direct conversation explaining the challenges they have at their company related to composite materials. The email and survey were sent to each company with a detailed description of the SustDesignTex project in English and Polish version.

Survey results



Based on the survey, the preliminary research areas presented by WAD to the SustDesignTex consortium partners for further evaluation and development within the project were:

  • Self-diagnostic (sensors) and self-healing materials,

  •  Composites Recycling and Sustainability-Managing Waste in a Sustainable way,

  • Optimizing Recycling and Reuse,

  • Metrology Standards and Certification for Nondestructive Testing System (NDT) – Composites NDT Technology Solutions, Composites Maintenance, and

  • Fireproof composites

The detail of the survey result is provided here

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