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 Training on design for business and science community

Host: Katarzyna Zimna, Emil Saryusz-Wolski
Date: 24/11/2023
Time: 9.00-10.30
Place: Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design,
street Żeromskiego 116, 90-543 Łódź, building A33, 2nd floor, room 242, Graphics studio
Prototypes force the researcher to confront theory, and confront the world, they evoke
discussion and reflection, change the world and can be used to test theories
Pieter John Stoppers
The proposed workshops will allow participants to perform their own works
and product concepts using a kit for prototyping layered systems
BoråSample™. This set is the result of research design work carried out on
University in Borås (Sweden) by a team from the Lodz University of Technology consisting of: Marcin
Barburski, Paulina Byczkowska, Emil Saryusz-Wolski, Katarzyna Zimna.
Creating physical prototypes of future products was and is a very important element
design process. Despite the development of CAD/CAM/CAE systems, physical models do not exist
and are falling into disuse. Currently, they are especially useful in the initial design phase,
when creating a new product concept. Building simple models is stimulating
creativity, and each of us is able to do them. Mockups, models, or prototypes
therefore, encourage cooperation and discussion, which translates into the quality of the new solution.
That's why creating mockups and simple prototypes is such an important element of Design Thinking,
one of the key design approaches of the last quarter of a century.
In design practice, prototypes of future products are used to solve specific problems
practical problems. In an academic setting, however, prototyping serves a purpose
general: generating knowledge about design, creating know-how, and developing tools for
solving problems. Some academic projects are not even about being new
products, but with new, effective tools to create future innovations.
The workshop program includes:
1. Introduction: creation through prototyping - good practices - 30 min.
2. Prototyping: creating layered systems for a new product – 45 min.
3. Summary: presentation of work results, sharing observations – 15 min.


Training on rapid prototyping for business and science community

Host: Paulina Byczkowska
Date: 24/11/2023
Time: 11.30-14.00
Place: Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, ul. Żeromskiego 116, 90-924 Łódź,
building A20, room 513, 5th floor,
We invite you to participate in our workshops entitled: "Rapid prototyping training for
business and scientific community." This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and practical experience
rapid prototyping skills that are crucial for both the world
science and business. The materials used in the workshops are the result of research work
design projects carried out at the University of Borås (Sweden) by a team from the Lodz University of Technology composed of: Marcin Barburski, Paulina Byczkowska, Emil Saryusz-Wolski, Katarzyna
Why is it worth taking part?
- Practical Skills: Our instructors will provide practical skills related to
creating prototypes of products and solutions. You will learn how to do it quickly and effectively
test your ideas.
- Business Application: Rapid prototyping is a key tool in the process
innovation. You will learn how to use these skills to develop and improve
products in your business.
- Science-Business cooperation: Workshops provide an excellent opportunity to establish cooperation
between the scientific and business communities. You will discover the potential of technology transfer.
- Access to Technology: You will have access to rapid prototyping equipment, which will allow you to transfer your ideas into the real world.
Who is the training for?
- Entrepreneurs who want to develop their products.
- Academics, researchers and students who want to gain practical skills in
prototyping area.
- People interested in innovation and modern technologies.
What Will We Discuss?
- Introduction to rapid prototyping - 10 min
- Use of various 3D printing technologies – 15 min
- Practical exercise in creating prototypes – 45 min
- Case studies of success in business and science - 20 min


Workshop 3

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