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Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA)

Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA) is one of the leading research institutes of RWTH Aachen University. The competence of the institute is located along the complete process chain from the development of fibres, through the production of fibre-based high-performance semi-finished products and their manufacturing processes. In the field of composites, the employees of the have extensive expertise in the development, manufacture and validation of semi-finished products and do have access to the necessary infrastructure (weaving and lay-up machines, preform centre, impregnation equipment, autoclave and testing machines). Like this the institute comprises activities of research and teaching. Besides the field of composites, research is also done in the fields of medical, construction, textile mechanical engineering and others.


The Goals at ITA:

We develop people concerning relevant innovation topics.

With the help of structured methods and creativity, we design innovative and economic solutions.

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