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First Technical Review of the Project

On 14th March 2024, we had our first technical review of the SustDesignTex project, looking back at the work accomplished over the last sixteen months. It was a day-long online meeting attended by representatives from the EU, including the project officer, an external expert, and representatives from all consortium partners.

Different members from across the consortium eloquently presented each aspect of our progress and future plans. We want to sincerely thank the project officer for her unwavering support since the beginning of the project. Additionally, we are grateful to the external expert for valuable feedback on the progress and insightful recommendations provided for the future.

 Congratulations to all those involved in making this project a reality. We're excited to keep contributing towards achieving our project goals until the very end. Thank you to everyone for the productive presentations, collaboration, and discussions. #ProjectReview #Gratitude #Collaboration # Twinning #HorizonEurope


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