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Highlights from the SustDesignTex Summer School event

The summer school organized by the SustDesignTex project at Lodz University of Technology from May 6-17 under the theme of “Personal Skills for Excellence in Science” has been successfully completed.

Over 65 participants joined the summer school, including PostDocs, PhD candidates, MSc. and BSc. students. The summer school featured a series of dynamic training sessions and workshops led by distinguished experts from the University of Boras (Sweden), RWTH Aachen University, ITA (Germany), Lodz University of Technology (Poland), Wademekum Company (Poland), and Academy of Professional Studies South Serbia (Serbia).

These sessions covered various areas such as project management, guidance on personal development, practical skills in international patent protection, recycling and reuse possibilities of reinforcement fibers for composites, Life Cycle Assessment, biocomposites – concepts, possibilities, and challenges, experimental design, circular economy strategies for polymer materials, the use and challenges of composite materials in aviation and aerospace industries, technical embroidery design and production, fire retardants applications for textiles, 3D printing in the composite design process, fire resistant textile reinforced composites and composite manufacturing techniques. Participants engaged in interactive exercises, fostering a collaborative and enriching environment. 

We are grateful to our expert trainers and all participants for making this event successful.


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