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Participation in Seminars

Professor Marcin Barburski, a coordinator of the SustDesignTex project, recently delivered two impactful seminars addressing critical issues in sustainable industrial design and the innovative use of textiles in composite structures. The first seminar, entitled "Sustainable Industrial Design of Textile Structures for Composites," emphasized the crucial role of sustainable practices in the manufacturing and design of textile-based composite materials. This seminar was organized by the Association of Polish Textile Makers under the title “Green Transformation of the Industry in the Light of the EU Directive on a Strategy for sustainable textile products in a Circular Economy” on the 26th of September 2023 in Lodz, Poland.

Professor Barburski shed light on the green transformation of the textile industry, highlighting the implications of the EU Directive on strategies for sustainable textile products in a circular economy. The seminar explored cutting-edge approaches and methodologies for integrating sustainability principles into the very fabric of industrial design processes. It underscored the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices to minimize environmental impact and foster a circular economy within the textile manufacturing sector.

Furthermore, Professor Barburski also presented an insightful seminar titled "Textiles in Lightweight Composite Structures" at the Polish Conference on Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering (PCBBE), organized by the Lodz University of Technology on the same day, the 26th of September 2023, in Lodz, Poland. This seminar delved into the innovative applications of textiles within lightweight composite structures. Professor Barburski elucidated the ways in which textiles can be utilized to enhance the mechanical properties and performance of composite materials, particularly in the realms of biocybernetics and biomedical engineering.

The seminar highlighted the remarkable potential of textiles to contribute to the development of cutting-edge solutions in these specialized fields, paving the way for advanced applications in various industries, including healthcare, aerospace, and automotive sectors. Attendees gained valuable insights into the latest advancements and research initiatives, positioning themselves at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of textile-based composite structures.


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