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Staff Exchange Between SustDesignTex Partner Universities

A two-month research stay of Marcin Barburski, Prof. TUL, and Katarzyna Zimna, Prof. TUL, at the University of Borås, has come to an end.

On April 26, 2023, the researchers presented their project's results during a seminar organized by the Textile Department of the University of Borås. During the seminar, Marcin Barburski discussed the results of laboratory tests of the flame-retardant wool-based composite he produced, while Katarzyna Zimna showed a 'pattern book' of possible finishing methods for the hemp non-woven fabric and the composite made of it.

During the seminar, two researchers from the Lodz University of Technology, Dr. Eng. Paulina Byczkowska and Dr. Emil Saryusz-Wolski, who are starting their two-month stay at the University of Borås, also presented research plans related to their micro-projects. The two researchers will work on two separate micro-projects during their stay at the University of Borås under the SustDesignTex project staff exchange program.

Additionally, on April 27, 2023, the last meeting with the partners of SustDesignTex from the University of Borås was held. Results achieved during the stay and further joint scientific activities were discussed during the meeting, and conclusions were drawn.

The researchers mentioned that their stay in Borås was extremely fruitful in terms of research. Furthermore, they were also able to establish closer relations with the wider academic community, exchange experiences, observe good practices in the field of research, didactics, and work organization at the University, and participate in formal and informal discussions and seminars, including student diploma seminars.


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